Band Members' Bios

Art Cohen- As one half of the avant-garde electronic space duo The Ministry of Inside Things, Art Cohen has carved a niche for himself as an idiosyncratic electric guitarist performing original compositions steeped in spontaneous adventure with his musical partner Chuck Van Zyl. The duo has toured throughout North America and has fans throughout the world. They have released a number of recordings.

In About Time, Art Cohen shows he still has his rock and roll chops. Listen to the varied styles of his guitarwork and you will hear many influences- from Jerry Garcia and Mark Knopfler to the Velvet Underground and Frank Zappa. However, his contributions go far beyond lead guitar. His three original songs on the CD run the gamut from 70's punk to 90's grunge. His melodic bass playing also helps to significantly shape the sound. And of course as recording engineer, he plays a pivotal role.

Steve Lessick-
As one half of the pop-folk duo Lessick & Lincoln, Steve Lessick is an outstanding percussionist who when playing a drum kit can drive a song or add a subtle flavor--whatever is needed to bring out the best in the material. His style is original. He also possesses a one in a million voice that is so distinctive, it is immediately recognizable once you have heard it. Whether it is the twang or the sweet tembre, it can sound at home in both roots rock as well as straight ahead 60's pop.

In About Time, Steve Lessick sings lead on a variety of material including the lead off cut Jenny McDowell, and the title track, About Time. His background vocals are sometimes more gritty than his smoothly distinctive lead
vocals, as evidenced most especially in his growling counter vocals in Mr. Smith. His drumming in that song in particular is thunderous while in the title track it can best be described as a whirlwind of emotion. Listen to the precision in the harmonies throughout the entire CD, That is Steve Lessick's contribution. While Rob Lincoln often comes up with the melodic ideas for background vocals, it is Steve Lessick that refines them until they fit like a glove.

Rob Lincoln- The other half of Lessick and Lincoln is a prolific songwriter with hundreds of songs to his credit. He has performed in acoustic music circles in the Philadelphia area for the past decade or so but is beginning to write again in the rock genre as well. As you can hear in the 9 songs he has has written for About Time, he has an ear for a hook coupled with a dark (sometimes even macabre)- yet strangely sentimental outlook on life.

In About Time, Rob Lincoln handles most of the prominent acoustic sounding electric guitars, (most notably the intro on the title track) while singing
in most cases the harder edged background vocals, It his lead vocals though, that stand out for their variety- out of control and manic on Love Is The Heart, sneeringly sarcastic on Mr. Smith,  trippy and smooth on Queen of The Sun and a deep baritone Lou Reedish phrasing on Downtown--together they sound like someone who at this late date is still trying to find his voice--and he is. But it is just that versatility that makes his songs and the CD so compelling to those who like musical variety--all tied together with a lyrical theme.

Men From When

Steve Lessick, Rob Lincoln and Art Cohen